Wednesday, 2 May 2007

How exactly do you pronounce 'calzone'?

As I invest more and more time and energy into this project, I'm finding it more and more impossible to relax when not working. I'm one of those types who can't just sit still and do nothing without getting anxious. More often than not I can't even watch television without having something else on the go at the same time, hence all the comics and indie records (well, we've already established I'm shameless). I wouldn't be surprised if this was common amongst those looking to become animators, as it's a craft that demands so much time and attention that you have to abandon pretty much every moment you have to yourself. This has proved useful in storyboarding the movie, as the fairly mammoth task of working out how to frame every shot (and every action therein) demands a lot of hours. After scribbling away in any location that has a surface I can rest my pad on - more often than not the aforementioned chav-free cafe whose staff are doubtless sick of the sight of me - it's finally finished, more or less. The direction notes and dialogue are practically illegible due to my piss-poor handwriting, and so for the purposes of the blog and what I eventually hand-in I'll have to type it all up, which hopefully won't take too long.
So onto the boards, this scene depicting the Hunter and Duck's growing animosity toward one another. A fairly typical argument that I imagine anybody who has ever shared a house, apartment or hall of residence can appreciate - the old 'who ate my food?' fight. In this scene we see how manipulative the Duck can be in a pinch, even when the Hunter attempts to assert himself. I've always had a sort of admiration for those who can win a verbal argument through the complete and utter abandonment of all logic.

More to come, my happy slappers!

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