Monday, 15 October 2018

Sunny Disposition

Getting to see Sunscapades in front of a proper festival audience for the first time at Encounters last month was pretty darn wonderful and a hard one to top. However the massive crowd at yesterday's BFI London Film Festival screening proved to be up to the task. I was also blessed to be among some fab film talent whose work was also screening - including recent Skwigly interviewee Anna Mantzaris - not to mention most of the Sunscapades crew Laura-Beth, Hannah, Fiona and Phil. I appreciate that when men who look like me get sentimental it just comes off as creepy so I'll be brief in once again voicing my love and gratitude to such a fabulous team as well as Elaine and the rest of the LFF gang for letting my creepy little film be part of such a great event. If you missed the Real Horrorshow screening yesterday then you can still check it out this Thursday 6:30pm at Rich Mix, if you act fast there are a handful of tickets still available here.
Having sadly missed the fourth birthday celebration evening for Cardiff Animation Nights I'm excited to be swinging by later in the month for their special pre-Halloween screening Cardiff Animation Frights, curated by the wonderful Dani and at which Sunscapades will again be playing. So let's all go ahead make scare ourselves shiteless at Chapter on the 27th (screening will kick off at 7pm, after which I'm sure there'll be a beverage or several to be had).
That same weekend the film will be getting its hotly-anticipated (in so far as nobody's explicitly informed me that it isn't) Serbian debut at Film Front, or Filmski Front as is more fun to say. These fine folks previously programmed my films Ground Running and The Naughty List back in 2010, nearly eight years ago; that's right, folks - I've mastered basic subtraction. Although they've announced the official selection I don't know exactly when the screening will be, but the festival takes place October 25th-28th at the Novi Sad Cultural Center.
Do sljedećeg puta!

Monday, 8 October 2018

This Fine Social Scene

This week the fantastic Cardiff Animation Nights team will be celebrating its fourth birthday and I'm very honoured to say that Sunscapades will be among the short films screened on the night! These folks have been doing fantastic work over the years that recently culminated in their successful revival of the Cardiff Animation Festival on top of their regular meet-ups and soirées. Among the other films being shown will be Lucia Bulgheroni's Inanimate and Weekends by recent podcast guest Trevor Jimenez. If you haven't been to one of the events before you should definitely treat yourself as it's always a good time. This one will take place at Kongs from around 7:30pm this Thursday (11th).
Also it's worth mentioning that this is the final week of a pretty nifty crowdfunding campaign that should be of interest to anyone who'd be reading this. New animation magazine Marimo is putting together its second issue Phantasmagoria that will focus on the spooky side of animation. I can say with authority that it boasts some of the best and brightest that animation journalism has to offer - namely myself, because I'm an ass like that, but also Laura-Beth, who is in fact genuinely brilliant - and if this one turns out anywhere near as nice as their first issue you'd be a fool to not want a copy. You can back it here or, if you're light on cash at the mo, at the very least you enjoy the campaign video that the beautiful souls of Weird Eye Collective (who helped out crucially with Sunscapades) have put together:

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Premature Adulation
The next outing for Sunscapades will serve as the film's Italian premiere at the Fano International Film Festival! This is one is fairly unique as it has announced its award winners and special mentions before the actual screenings have taken place. Can't say that's a practice I've ever encountered over this past decade of festival submissions but I shan't rock the boat as Sunscapades is among the films to get itself a Special Jury Mention! Not too shabby.
The screening itself will take place on Wednesday October 17th (landing slap-bang between its two screenings at the BFI London Film Festival) starting 9:15pm at the Cinema Malatesta in Fano alongside two recent favourites of mine, Britt Raes's Catherine and Rory Byrne's An Island.
Later this month the film is part of the 2018 SoDak Motion Festival's official selection, alongside such sterling work as Animade's Tend, Evan DeRushie's Birdlime and David Chai's Space Butthole. Actually I haven't seen the latter, I just found myself moved by the poetry of its title. Although I don't have exact specifics on times, the screenings will take place October 25th in Brookings SD at the South Dakota Art Museum and on October 27th in Sioux Falls, SD at the Washington Pavilion's Belbas Theatre. This festival also included Klementhro a couple years' back so they're a grand bunch in my book.
That's all for tonight but fret ye not, you fretty little fretting fretters, there'll be more news a-comin' soon.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Got a light?

The hometown premiere of Sunscapades at this year's Encounters festival went encouragingly well, especially considering the screenings were the first time I'd seen the film with a sizable festival audience. As with all films it's been educational as far as which bits get the strongest reactions but all things considered I couldn't be happier with how it went down. It was also very nice to be able to bring along almost all of the film's modest crew (Laura-Beth, Hannah, Phil and Carwyn) - not to mention me mam - and hopefully come October everyone involved will have gotten to see it on the big screen.
Until then the film will be popping up around the world at a few more lovely events. To cap off the week tomorrow night will see it among the launch programme for the Roselle Park Short Film Festival, a branch of the Roselle Park Arts Festival. In Roselle Park, believe it or not. If you're on that side of the pond you can check out the screening at the Climax Brewing Company's outdoor theatre at 5:30pm.
One final reminder that if there are any David Lynch/Twin Peaks fans out there who haven't yet made weekend plans, my previous film Klementhro is screening as part of the Lynch Inspired Short Films programme at The Official Twin Peaks UK Festival. According to their social media there are still a handful of tickets left if you fancy snapping them up. The screenings will take place 3:30pm Saturday 29th and 11:30am Sunday 30th - I'm pretty sure it's the same programme repeated each day but I may be mistaken. At any rate here's the full list of films and you check out the complete weekend schedule here. Drink full and descend!

Monday, 24 September 2018

The gang's all here

As Encounters is about to kick off it's an exciting time for my new film Sunscapades and hopefully I'll get to see some of you at either the Wednesday or Thursday screening! To mark the occasion I've put up a new sneaky teaser clip for y'all. This is the third and probably final one as any more would give away one of the main story points, but your appetite for my moving doodles is not yet sated you can see the other teasers here and here.
It's worth mentioning also that tickets for next month's BFI London Film Festival - at which the film will also be screening - are now on sale. The Real Horrorshow screening takes place at the Prince Charles Cinema on Sunday October 14th at 3:30pm, then at the Rich Mix Cinema on Thursday October 18th, 6:15pm. If you're thinking of going it'd be best to act swiftly as they're selling fast, so grab 'em up here.
With its appearance at The Official Twin Peaks UK Festival looming, my earlier film Klementhro continues to charm its way into programmers' hearts or, at the very least, convince them of its value as tolerable filler material. On October 6th it will be part of the shorts programme Animation Bazaar at the inaugural edition of the Margate Film Festival in association with Short Sighted Cinema who gave it some love last year. The screening, taking place at Cliff's, will start at 2pm and tickets are priced very reasonably at whatever-the-hell-you-feel-like. Pretty sweet deal, I'd say.
Meanwhile Laura-Beth Cowley's film Boris-Noris continues its strong streak with today's announcement of its inclusion in this year's Manchester Animation Festival, the fourth edition of which will take place at HOME November 13th-15th. The film will be part of the Student Films Panorama on the 15th at 2:20pm. MAF is always a fun one and you can check out the full line-up (including some of our regular Skwigly events and a screening of Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires) here.
Following its inclusion in the touring programme Festival Ciné Junior at the beginning of the year, starting this month Boris-Noris is also part of Les p’tites bobines, a selection Ciné Junior highlights that will be screening at events and before feature films at independent cinemas in the French department Seine-Saint-Denis over the course of the next twelve months. You can check out the Ciné Quartier Libre website for more info, though it'll help if you speak that Franceland speak.
In a similar vein the film will precede a special screening of Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs this Friday at Sinema Sadwrn in the Welsh village Llansadwrn. It's an inspired pairing and should make for a great event, so check out their Facebook page for more info if you fancy checking it out.
Phew! And it's only Monday...

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

"Run over your knees with my bike"?
After a mere eleven-month hiatus Laura-Beth and I are back with a new episode of our Skwigly podcast series Intimate Animation! In this one we chat about some SAS Conference highlights, Disney menstruation films, the time I had naked people sellotaped to my stomach, the body-positive work of Joanna Quinn and Anna Ginsburg - not to mention Henry Winkler's dubious/horrifying ability to ad-lib. We’re also very pleased to welcome independent Croatian director Veljko Popović, who has followed up on his belting film Planemo with the fantastic Cyclists, a somewhat racy (eh?) tribute to the work of artist Vasko Lipovac that will be playing at Encounters next week. Give 'er a download or a streamy stream:
Speaking of Encounters, don't forget there are TWO screenings that will be featuring my new film Sunscapades, and tickets are on sale now:
I better see you there, or you're dead to me! LOLZ!
I'll also be participating in two panels during the festival, the first of which - Animation Today 1 - will be at 4pm on the 26th, with the second - Short Film Today 2 - at noon on the 27th. Festival passholders can book to attend either of these from 9am on the day, and all of the screenings and events take place at the Watershed here in Bristol.
Before then my preceding film Klementhro will be part of Romania's Kinofest International Film Festival that takes place in Bucharest, Oradea, Cluj and Timisoara from September 21st-23rd. I'm hazy on the specifics as to when and if it's part of a dedicated screening programme but it's definitely part of the festival's online competition if you fancy giving it some love.
Lastly but not leastly, the continuing adventures of Laura-Beth's film Boris-Noris will see it screen at the Anim!Arte International Student Animation Festival of Brazil next week. There will be several screenings in the coming months but the first will be on Wednesday 26th as part of Session 11 which kicks off at 3pm in the Cúpula Galileu Galilei planetarium in Rio de Janeiro. You can download the full line-up here.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Klementhro Peaks
Here's something a little different - rather than a dedicated film or animation festival, the next event to include Klementhro in its line-up will be The Official Twin Peaks UK Festival, which will feature it as part of a screening of David Lynch-inspired short films.
This one has special significance to me as I'm an absolute Lynch devotee and everyone who had to endure being around me during the twenty-odd weeks the new Twin Peaks was airing last year will attest that I was absolutely obsessed with it.
Although Klementhro came about a few years earlier there was never any denying that its not-always-appealing weirdness owed a debt to Lynch, in particular his leanings toward the humour of repetition and drawn-out-scenarios. Also the trope, if that's what you could call it, of a solitary figure on a journey peppered by meetings with increasingly bizarre characters has been a Lynch mainstay since his earliest days.
All that aside the event looks like great fun, with all sorts of Lynch-ey activities, events and screenings plus a bunch of people from the show itself will be there, so I'm excited to pop along and check it out. If you want to check out the schedule and grab tickets you can head over to the official site.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Summer Podding
Thirsty for some podcasts? Then boy howdy have you come to the right place. Here are two new episodes of the Skwigly Animation Podcast for your suckling lips to latch on to. In episode 84 we’re thrilled to speak to one of modern animated television’s most respected writer/producers Josh Weinstein. As a writer Josh has been involved in The Simpsons (alongside partner Bill Oakley), Gravity Falls, Futurama, Strange Hill High and Danger Mouse. Most recently Josh has developed the new Netflix series Disenchantment – which dropped last month – alongside creator Matt Groening.
Direct download link here if you're not in a streamy mood.
In episode 85 we welcome Ben Steer, director of the multi-award-winning Mamoon, released online this week. Developed as part of Blue Zoo’s long-running animated short films programme, the film is an expertly-crafted visualisation of the emotional toll of the Syrian Civil War in which a mother and child find themselves in peril.
What, you want another direct download link? Here, bloody well take it why doncha?

Monday, 3 September 2018

Chuck Soup

So I finally got to see the finished (pending a possible recast of the voices should it land international distribution) version of Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires at Frightfest the other weekend. Aggregating the reviews that have come in since it premiered at Annecy the general vibe seems to be consistently positive. Certainly there was an enormous sense of achievement among the crew who had gathered in London for the screening and, godless commute aside, working on the film was honestly one of the best gigs I've had to date and I'm very proud to have been involved.
With wider distribution hopefully not too far away there are a couple more events the film will be showing up at in the meantime.
Although I don't think the film itself will be screening, there's a special presentation with animator Jody Meredith happening at Stop Motion Montreal (who were among the fests to include Boris-Noris last year so they're darn good eggs in my book) on September 15th 7:30pm at Concordia's J.A. de Sève Theater.
Later in the month the film proper will be screening in competition as part of the line-up for this year's edition of the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival. These will be 10:15pm September 20th at Le Star Saint-Exupéry, 6pm September 21st at Ciné Vox and 11am September 23rd at Le Star again.
Then it October there are a couple of late-night screenings at the SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. playing at 12:45am on the 6th at the Cinema el Retiro and 1am the following morning at the Hotel Meliá's Tramuntana cinema.
Be sure to keep your eyes on the film's website and Facebook page for more news as it comes.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Postcard Nights

The final batch of dates for  La Boîte Carrée's touring programme Le Plein de Super (featuring Laura-Beth Cowley's Boris-Noris) are coming up, with the last five stops as follows:
  • September 8th - Casson
  • September 14th - St Denis la Chevasse
  • September 21st - Lys top transect
  • September 28th - Corsep
  • September 29th - Paimboeu 
If any of those are near your neck of the woods be sure to check them out - and send a postcard!
More info on the tour over at the official website.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Sunny Side Up
Some fantastic news I've been sitting on can finally be revealed today. On the heels of its first major festival selection next month Sunscapades will be screening in October as part of the BFI London Film Festival!
Not only that, it's in what looks to be one of the most exciting screenings - Real Horrorshow - alongside a mix of animated and live-action shorts that look absolutely fantastic, such as Anna Mantzaris's Good Intentions that, as with Sunscapades, also features music by the excellent Phil Brookes.
All told the film is in damn good company and, given that it's not an animation-focused festival, I'm incredibly honoured to be among the ones that made the grade, including recent work by Chris Shepherd, Evgenia Golubeva and Peter Millard to name a few.
The screening takes place at the Prince Charles Cinema (Downstairs Screen) on Sunday October 14th at 3:30pm, then repeated Thursday October 18th at the Rich Mix Cinema (Screen 1) and tickets go on sale September 13th. I'll definitely aim to be at the Sunday screening so hope to catch you there!

Monday, 20 August 2018

Busy weekend ahead
The continuing international adventures of Laura-Beth's Boris-Noris will see it screened in Helsinki for the SAMPO 2018 International Puppet Theatre Festival this coming weekend, again as part of the Bristol Festival of Puppetry's Women in Puppetry and Puppet Animation package that has been doing the rounds to much enthusiasm. The two screenings will take place Friday August 24th and Saturday 25th at the Päivälehti Museum - both of them are free so be sure to get your fine Finnish selves over there.
Some bad - but actually good - news regarding the upcoming UK premiere screenings of Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires at London's Frightfest Festival on the 25th is that individual tickets to both are completely sold out. I have gotten wind however that there may be a few festival passes available from the box office so if you were hoping to check out the film and maybe want to make a weekend of it that option might be up your alley. More info here - however there are only a handful of spaces left so if you grab a pass be sure to check it will actually get you in to what you want to see. If you make it I'll hopefully see you there!
Lastly my new film Sunscapades will have its Canadian premiere on the same day as part of Toronto's Lost Episode Fest. As with the film's inclusion in the BUT Festival this event is one I'm very happy to be part of as it celebrates a specific subsection of indie genre films that makes it something of a spiritual fit. I believe the film will screen as part of the animation block Not For Kids which kicks off 10:55pm August 25th at the Carlton Cinema. Tickets and more specific info here.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Nether gonna give you up

I wasn't expecting to write this so soon but I can cheerily confirm there's another upcoming festival for my new film Sunscapades! Following on from this week's earlier news nugget that it will screen at Encounters late September, before then the film will get two screenings at the BUT (B-Movies, Underground and Trash) Film Festival that will take place in the Netherlands - Breda, to be precise.
Sunscapades is part of Shorts Block 1 - Over the Top Humor on August 30th 7pm at the Chassé Cinema, repeated on September 2nd 12pm at the Nieuwe Veste in Hall 4. You can grab up some tickets here.
What's especially cool about this news is that, as with Encounters, this is a festival that has screened my work in the past. In fact it was one of the very first events to take a punt on my films, screening my student film House Guest (with whom Sunscapades does share a certain B-Movie/Underground/Trash vibe, I'd be happy to concede) way back in 2009. It's good to be back in BUT country.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Sunny times ahead

I'm very happy to reveal that my film Sunscapades will screen here in Bristol next month as part of TWO programmes for this year's Encounters Short Film Festival!
It's the first time I've had a film in the fest since 2011 and it's a real honour and privilege to be among a line-up that includes some of my favourite new and established filmmakers whose work includes Wildebeest (Nicolas Keppens), Cabin Pressure (Matthew Lee), Perinatal Positivity (Emma Lazenby) and Brexicuted (Chris Shepherd).
The full line-up looks fantastic, with some personal favourites including Ooze (Kilian Vilim), Via (Izzy Burton), KUAP (Nils Hedinger), Travelogue Tel Aviv (Samuel Patthey), Mamoon (Ben Steer) and Hybrids (Kim Tailhades) as well as recent interviewees Robert Löbel (Island) and Patrick Bouchard (The Subject).
Sunscapades will screen in the festival's animation competition programme Happy Sad on Wednesday September 26th at 2pm, then again the following day in the comedy programme From the Sublime to the Ridiculous at 8pm, both at Bristol's Watershed in Cinema 1. Check out the current programme here and stay tuned for even more event updates as they come!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Bussing it
La Boîte Carrée's touring programme Le Plein de Super resumes this month with another batch of screening dates taking place throughout France. As before, Laura-Beth's film Boris-Noris is along for the ride so if the bus is headed to your neck of the woods be sure to check it out:
  • 8th August - Saint-Sigismond
  • 9th August - Maillé
  • 10th August - Oulmes
  • 11th August - Nieul-sur-l'Autise
  • 16th August - Rezé
  • 17th August - Saint-Mars-de-Coutais
  • 18th August - Apremont
  • 20th August - Barbâtre
  • 21st August - L'Épine
  • 22nd August - Noirmoutier
  • 23rd August - La Guérinière
  • 28th August - La Bernerie-en-Retz
  • 29th August - Treffieux
More specific info can be found at the tour's official website.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

There's just no sinking the bugger

Yet more adventures for our pal Klementhro coming up this month and next. Firstly there's the Big Cartoon Weekend in Saint Petersburg, another offshoot of Russia's Big Cartoon Festival as its name suggests. Klementhro will play in the third programme 'Borrowed Time' that kicks off 7pm on Sunday July 29th at the Rodina Cinema, rubbing shoulders with some fantastic other films such as The Burden, Catherine and Mr. Madila.
Following that will be an early August screening at Ukraine's Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art in association with the London Short Film Festival at which the film originally screened back in January of last year. I'm humbled to say it will be screening in a special retrospective of the best British shorts of the past three years to screen at LSFF. The even takes place on August 10th at 4pm and you can watch the programme for updates here.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Now let's never speak of She-Ra again
Another podcast for the podcastey pile. In episode 83 Steve brings us a chat with Trevor Jimenez, director of the short film Weekends that recently won the Jury Award and Audience Award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival as well as ten other festival awards and counting. Presently playing in competition at Anima Mundi, upcoming screenings include Animation Block Party, Fantoche and Anibar.
Also discussed in this episode: The reaction to She-Ra’s redesign, Annecy and Society for Animation Studies conference highlights, Brad Bird vs. bloggers, the premiere of Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires and Vice’s bizarre Simpsons article. It's a fun'un, get it in your earholes now or download for later.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

That's a paddlin'

After an initially busy June my latest film Sunscapades has hit a bit of a lull, with no upcoming festival screenings confirmed before late August.
Taunting this patchy performance is my preceding film Klementhro, which just won't go away it seems. Following its inclusion in the fabulous Lichtspielklub Short Film Festival - AKA British Shorts - everyone's favourite paddlin' fool will be included as part of a series of special short film screenings tied in with the festival.
The British Shorts Summer Edition will take place at Berlin's outdoor cinema Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia from 9pm on Friday, August 3rd. I don't know the specifics of what else is playing just yet but you can check out the official Facebook event for updates.

Friday, 6 July 2018

To stop your minds from wandering
In episode 82 of the Skwigly Animation Podcast we look back on George Dunning’s iconic contribution to British animated cinema Yellow Submarine some fifty years on.
The film will be celebrating the lead-up to its 50th anniversary this Sunday (July 8th) through a number of newly-restored theatrical screenings across the UK in association with organisations such as Anim18, the BFI, Everyman Cinemas and Picturehouse Cinemas. Keep your eyes on the Anim18 website for future events including a screening at Birmingham’s MAC on the anniversary itself (July 17th) and a number of special interactive ‘singalong’ screenings from August.
This one gave me an excuse to feature a segment with my father Lynn who was among the weekend workers doing cel painting on the film in the mad rush to get it done. Also Laura-Beth speaks with Gillian Lacey, one of the film's Assistant Animators who would go on to set up the Leeds Animation Workshop and teach at the National Film and Television School.
Listen below or direct download:
Also discussed in this episode: The legacy of Smallfilms founder Peter Firmin who passed away earlier this month and whose own body of work (alongside co-founder Oliver Postgate) included such classic UK series as The Clangers and Bagpuss. Peter also guested on the podcast in episode 60 a couple years' back:

Monday, 2 July 2018

Chuck Amuck
Some more festival screenings for Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires, Mike Mort's high-energy indie animated feature that I scribbled and yelled over last year. Its North American premiere at Montreal's Fantasia Festival is now set to take place 4:45pm on July 21st at Concordia's SGWU Auditorium and you can grab your tickets here.
The following month it's finally screening here in the UK, so all being well I'll be able to catch its national premiere in London as part of Frightfest 2018. This one will be two screenings on August 25th at the Leicester Square Cineworld - 3:45pm on the Arrow Video screen and 4:15pm on the Horror Channel screen. Swing by and give it a look-see, 'cause they definitely don't make 'em like this anymore.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Fantasy Worlds

Yet another June screening for Sunscapades will take place next week. Marking its Venezuelan premiere, the film is part of the animation category official selection of the pleasingly-acronymed MIFVIF - Maracay International Film and Video Festival.
The animation screening takes place at 10am on the 24th at the Casa de las Artes Lounge 2.
An event I don't yet have specifics for - but am quite excited about - is the Canadian premiere of Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires, following a warmly-received world premiere at Annecy a couple weeks' back. This will be happening at Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival, although alas I'll have left the city by the time it kicks off. Tsk, always the way innit.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Academics and Philosophers

Next week I'll be stomping around my old stomping grounds of Montreal and, while my agenda is primarily syrup and bacon-oriented, my ever-brilliant spouse Laura-Beth will be in town to speak as part of the prestigious Society for Animation Studies Conference that this year takes place at Concordia University. For you animation academics who might be in attendance you can see her PhD presentation The changing face of replacement animation: how looking to the past can revolutionize the future of stop motion animation as part of the Auteurs and Experiments session that kicks off at 1:30pm at Concordia's De Seve Cinema. Among the other speakers are some fantastic artists including previous interviewees Janice Nadeau, Diane Obomsawin and my old UWE pal Philippe Vaucher.
In a couple weeks' time my not-very-academic film Klementhro will be playing as part of the At The Fringe International Arts Festival in Tranås, Sweden. I now know it will be part of the program Philosophy in Spoken Words (the name of which in and of itself has made my day) that takes place July 1st at 2pm, the again July 2nd at noon. Check out their site for venue specifics and the full programme and whatnot.

Monday, 11 June 2018


Not to be outshine by plucky newcomer Sunscapades, my previous film Klementhro's still finding new places in the world to pester. Three-plus years down the line, the film's Swedish premiere will take place during the first week of July in Tranås for the international short film festival section of this year's At The Fringe International Arts Festival. Don't have specifics to hand just yet but as ever they'll be up here as soon as I know. In all these years I've never missed an opportunity to self-promote!

Sunday, 10 June 2018


Sunscapades has snuck in another June screening, this time making its Portuguese debut at Porto 7 - Oporto International Short Film Festival.
These folks are eggs of the good-est variety, having included my other films Ground Running, The Naughty List and Klementhro at previous editions. For their eleventh they're screening their official selection every day from 9:30pm at the Castle Foz starting this Wednesday June 13th (when you catch Sunscapades) through to the 17th.
And it's free! So get yisselfs down there, no excuses.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Power Couple
For the eighty-first episode of the Skwigly Animation Podcast I'm thrilled to have been able to speak with Alison Snowden and David Fine of Snowden Fine Animation.
Having met at the NFTS, the pair went on to work with the NFB for their short George and Rosemary and the Oscar-winning Bob’s Birthday that later inspired the hit adult animated sitcom Bob and Margaret.
Alison and David have teamed up again with the NFB for their latest film Animal Behaviour, their first new short film in over twenty years that will be taking major festivals by storm in the coming weeks, with official selections at Animafest Zagreb, the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and Anima Mundi.
Also discussed in this episode: Upcoming highlights from Annecy, the curious world of Disney’s early sequels, the misguided efforts of Circle 7 and the not-especially-destructive trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet.
Direct download here or stream below:

Monday, 4 June 2018

Evenings in June

The sixteenth edition of Caostica is upon us and, as previously mentioned, Sunscapades will be among the animated shorts in the official selection. From perusing the line-up it looks like the film is part of the Friday all-nighter Artxandageddon Bizarre Party Vol. 4. Right on. The screening and other frivolities, including an awards ceremony and a bunch of DJ sets, kick off at the Artxanda Skating Rink on June 8th at 9pm and goes on until the wee hours. You can check out a flier for the full programme here.
It's always fun to hear that the films get screened in all sorts of unique settings and locales - over the years I've had work play at outdoor pools, on boats, in modern art museums, in antique bookstores and projected onto bedsheets. As cool as it is to add skating rinks to the list, the Free Range Film Festival has topped even this by literally holding their event inside a century-old barn. The festival takes place June 29th-30th at, according to their Facebook page, "the junctions of County Roads 1 and 4 just one mile south of Wrenshall, Minnesota."
and the US premiere for Sunscapades will be on the 30th around 9:30pm. I'm rather chuffed. Plus those of you who can make it to the event in person can go home with armfuls of fresh produce

Friday, 25 May 2018

Another exciting screening for Klementhro this coming Friday - it will be part of Big Animation Night, a massive five-hour event bringing together a bunch of the films that were gathered up by the folks from Russia's Big Cartoon Festival. As with other events spun off from this particular fest, this means my weird little film will have elbowed its way in amongst some of my absolute favourites of the last couple years, including Love, Negative Space, The Burden, Catherine, Wednesday With Goddard, Nighthawk, Ivan's Need, The Head Vanishes and Mr. Madila.
The event will take place at the in Moscow this Friday night at 10pm (which means Klementhro will show up around the 2:55am mark on Saturday - crikey, watching it on its own is enough of an endurance test) - for full programme info and tickets head over to the Karo cinema website.