Saturday, 18 August 2007

Backgrounds Part 2 - Interior Design

Following up on the last entry, here are a number of finished backgrounds that will appear in the film. These are of the cabin's living room and foyer interiors, which calls for a lots and lots of shaky wooden slats.
For somebody who has been doodling since infancy, I can't draw a straight line for shit. But you can more or less tell what you're looking at and the cruddiness of the lines have a sort of hapless charm. Sort of. While an indulgent part of me misses the nifty look of the wooden textures from when this cabin was originally built, this look is far more visually appropriate so I'll have to put my hat in my hand on that one. The keen of eye might notice that the Hunter has an 'Agnosticaust' poster and a 'Johnny Star' poster in his house. A man of undeniable musical taste.

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