Friday, 2 May 2008

Backgrounds Part 6 - Remnants & Debris

When I did the last batch of backgrounds back in November I wasn't sure if there would be any more left to do. As it turns out I've decided to persevere with including the proposed final scene and give the film a nice comedic ending rather than a maudlin cliffhanger. The last scene takes place at the site of the Hunter's former cabin, now a large mound of rubble.

The last background is a segment from a far larger drawing, as the final shot pulls back to reveal the entire pile. On top of all the other plentiful reasons to kiss her arse, props have to go to my faithful assistant Jo for inking in every one of those fucking rocks:

And here's the full colour version:

As well as the new backgrounds for this particular scene, I've found that to better suit certain shots elsewhere in the film a number of new and adapted backgrounds have been required. Here's the very last smattering to go out on:

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