Sunday, 19 April 2009

Playing The Artsy Angle...

The rough, unpolished 'line-test' aesthetic of my animated short 'Ground Running' kind of fitted in with the film's central theme and helped me finish it on time all at once. It had also made the film eligible for Portugal's 6th Annual Black & White Audiovisual Festival, and I'm pleased to say they accepted it! So mosey on over to the Universidade Católica Portuguesa from the 22nd-25th April and check out the festival in all its monochrome glory!'Ground Running' will be being shown on Thursday April 23rd as part of the 'Video Competition II' segment at 9:45pm (WET). For more details - and to see what else is on - check out the festival programme here.
Just for the record, I'm keeping these festival posts brief from now on, as when I try to do long 'funny' ones I just come off as a smug douche. When really I'm a cuddly, lovable scamp.

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