Thursday, 9 July 2009

Goin' On Tour!

'Ground Running' (the original, black & white version) has been selected for the International Low & No Budget Short Film Festival Tour 2009. The name doesn't really warrant much further information as to what it's about, save for places and dates. Best I can tell the festival tours throughout Germany, beginning tomorrow (friday 10th) at Kulturverein Merlin in Stuttgart, and again on the 17th, both starting at 9pm.This is pretty sweet as I can now say that my animation has been screened at Stuttgart and technically be telling the truth (see, inclusion in the Stuttgart festival - which this isn't - is kind of coveted by us animation geeks). Not that I'm not chuffed, it's a great opportunity for me to show off my naked baby antics, plus mine appears to be the only British film selected. Reprezentin'!
The tour will also have a screening at Kuz Kulturzentrum in Mayence on July 15th at 8pm.
You can download the program here - according to the cover, the tour actually began on June 26th at Club Mobilat, Heilbronn...which isn't much use to you now, but hopefully those Heilbronnians were satisfied with what they got. Hopefully it will attract a gaggle of German groupies.

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