Tuesday, 1 June 2010


As my new film 'The Naughty List' is nearing completion I figured that this month's preview of images from the forthcoming collection 'Brain Spillage' should relate to it. These were the original character designs and concepts that I came up with ages ago.Aside from a specially-produced xmas card I circulated in December, nothing really came from these until March when I knocked out a storyboard, then it was dead again until a month ago, and now it's almost finished. Weird how the mood just takes you to bring something to the top of the priority pile.With that in mind, it's gonna be a bit of a mad rush to get 'Brain Spillage' put together in time (I'm aiming for the end of this month), but it helps to have another project waiting in the wings to take one's mind off the inevitable post-completion anticlimax.

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