Friday, 15 April 2011


I now have some specifics regarding a couple of previously mentioned screenings for "The Naughty List". It will be shown on Saturday 23rd at the Dawson City Film Festival's 'Beyond Aurora' section which begins 11:30pm. Also included in that selection is David O'Reilly's short "The External World" which is a pretty spectacular piece of work, so I'm very happy that my li'l toon is in good company.A couple months down the line it will close the 4pm short film screening at the Detmold Short Film Festival on June 9th.Also, just today I learned of its inclusion in Florida's Citrus Cel Animation Festival on April 10th...which was five days ago. Ah well, still nice that it's getting out there. Looked like a grand event overall, some really nice shorts included and it opened with Bill Plympton's "Idiots & Angels". I may have mentioned I'm a fan of his.
Speaking of which, I've spent the last few days inhaling his new autobiography "Independently Animated". I want to give it a proper review sometime soon but in short I'll say it's an essential read to any auteur animators out there, obviously for general fans of his as well. What I especially liked about it was learning about stuff he'd done I hadn't known about, such as this lovely piece on the cultural 'value' of abstract animation:

Well, much like Richard Gere in that army flick, 'I got nothin' else...'

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