Thursday, 1 December 2011

Seasonal Spaniards

Some very nice Christmassy news regarding "The Naughty List" - despite its somewhat sardonic take on the holiday season, I'm really happy to say that it'll be getting a bunch of TV broadcasts in Spain over the Canal+ network during December. Here are the dates/times/channels:

•Friday 9th December - 12:36pm - Canal+ Xtra
•Monday 12th December - 6:10am - Canal+2
•Friday 16th December - 4:50pm - Canal+2
•Sunday 18th December - 1:41pm - Canal+ Xtra
•Friday 23rd December - 4:35pm - Canal+1
•Friday 23rd December - 5:05pm - Canal+1 ...30
•Saturday 24th December - 5:36pm - Canal+ Xtra
•Thursday 29th December - 12:06pm - Canal+ Xtra

More info including a rather flattering description and the declaration "No recomendada para menores de siete años" (so that's the cutoff point - good to know) can be found on its Canal+ page.
"I guess they let any old crap on TV these days..."

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