Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tender Lumplings

Happy Hallowmaween my friends, fairweather friends and frenemies alike. May it be creepy, cooky, mysterious, spoo- alright, you get the idea.
Halloween, by sinister coincidence, tends to occur the same week as my birthday practically every year - thas'sum scary shiznit, yo. Typically I like to meld the two into one week-long alcolohol'n'sugar fest, and this week I've been particularly spoiled.
Midst my hedonism I found some time to throw together a piece on one of my favourite UK animators, stop-motion nightmare-weaver and fellow Pattonophile Robert Morgan. After a lengthy podcast interview last year in which we discussed his BAFTA-nominated Bobby Yeah - a Lynchian, Svankmajerian and Quay-ier-ieran stream-of-consciousness masterwork - he's produced another new film Invocation for this year's Random Acts scheme. Combining live-action with his fittingly gruesome signature style, the short is set to debut tonight so tune in to Channel 4 at 00:30.
To find out more you can read the article and watch my exclusive video interview from when we caught up in Annecy earlier this year:
The full interview will be included as part of an upcoming Skwigly video special, so watch this space for more on that before the end of the year.

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