Thursday, 27 February 2014

Shiny Metal 'Cast

♫ New podcast day, new podcast day, ♫
♫ Life's a bit less crap because new podcast day! ♫
Another good'un, alongside myself and Steve's riveting discussions of crucial industry developments like the Postman Pat movie and a possible Shrek 5, we have two fabulous guests, John DiMaggio (who was Bender off Futurama, currently Jake in Adventure Time) and Laura-Beth chats to "tiny director/animator" Kirsten Lepore. Kirsten directed the fabulous short film Bottle as well as her more recent Move Mountain which was recently released online:

On top of his voice work, John recently produced a documentary on, fittingly, animation voiceover artists. It's called I Know That Voice and looks pretty damn decent, so keep your eyes peeled for it:
The podcast, as always, can be downloaded, streamed and subscribed to and is still cheap as free, so go get it:
This episode is dedicated to Harold Ramis, a fine chap who, along with the likes of James Gandolfini, Patrice o'Neal and Philip Seymour Hoffman, has joined the ranks of too-soon-departed men I never met but admired hugely.
RIP sir.

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