Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Some good news on a day where one might be feeling, I dunno, without a paddle: My new film will get its French debut at this year's edition of Croq'Anime Animation Festival in Paris. I don't think anything of mine's played in that fair city, if my memory serves, so lovely news indeed. The fest takes place September 9th-13th, as ever I'll post more specific info when I get it. In the meantime keep your eyes on their official site, Twitter and Facebook page. Merci mes amis!
Meanwhile in Skwiggletown I've put up a written version of my chat with the very cool Lisa Hanawalt, artist behind a number of webcomics, graphic novels and the Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman. The show's second season (which was in production at the time of the interview) went up in full a few days back so it seemed like an apt repurposing, plus it has to be said it was one of my favourite interviews from last year and a joy to revisit. Have a read of it here and check out more of her work at

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