Thursday, 13 April 2017

More for the pile
Having quasi-premiered at the Manchester Animation Festival back in 2015, Klementhro will be paddling his way up North again for To The Screen: Animation Unlimited, a one-day festival event put together through Creative Industries Trafford. Even better news is it will be screening alongside Laura-Beth Cowley's new film (and relative newcomer to the festival circuit) Boris-Noris! So if you're able to make it to the Greater Manchester area this coming Wednesday (April 19th) the programme will kick off around 7pm at the Waterside Arts Centre. It's sure to be a fun'un!
As some may recall, last year Klementhro followed in the footsteps of its predecessors Ground Running and The Naughty List by getting itself screened at the Skepto International Film Festival. I've just been informed by the lovely folks over there that it will screen again on April 29th for a special pre-festival 'Best of 2016' event in Sassari, North Sardinia. Exact venue/time info a-comin' soon.
As a little bonus bit of good news, these recent additions to the upcoming screenings means that, come the film's appearance at the Cardiff Independent Film Festival in May, it will have cleared 100 public screenings, which was my self-set target to hit before putting the film online. So assuming nothing changes in the interim, the date it goes up will be Monday May 8th. Pencil it in, people - this time Klementhro's coming to you!
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