Thursday, 1 March 2018

Snowed In

Evenin' all!
So from what I gather the entire country has ground to a halt due to the onslaught of what may turn out to be literally centimeters of snow. Crikey, let's just do our best to keep it together, gang.
As a Canadian who has known the joy of icicles on my eyeballs I find it quite adorbs (but, y'know, stay safe on the roads and all). Hopefully you're all bundled up somewhere warm with someone you enjoy being warmly bundled up with. While you're a-bundlin' you can take a look at the new 1080p HD version of my 2010 film The Naughty List.
This was on my to-do list for a little while (the most highly-defined it's been in the past is 720p) so what with today being a snow-day I figured I may as well knock it on the head. With nearly eight years' distance between then and now all I can see is the high-definition of some extremely questionable line-work. That being said, there are some moments in it I'm still proud of.
Also worth mentioning that today is World Book Day, so why not bow to the pressure of the arbitrary assignment of a time of year to the concept of literature by picking up one of those delightful tomes you can see to the right of the page. You have to switch to web mode if you're reading this on your phone to know what I'm talking about.
I know, it's a lot of work. Fine, forget I brought it up.
You people.

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