Monday, 28 October 2019

Paperback writer
Happy International Animation Day!
Also coincidentally the day I squelched myself out of amniotic slumber 36 years ago.
What better way to mark both equally hallowed circumstances than by picking up a copy of my book Independent Animation? From today through to November 10th you can get it in paperback direct from the publisher at 20-25% off (30-35% off of you get it in eBook format) - with free shipping and all!
Packed full of production insight from the animation world's best, brightest and most inspirational figureheads, every moment you don't own it is surely a moment mis-spent!
On the oddly-specific subject of possibly buying books I've made for less than you would usually, I've also been informed that Lulu are offering 15% off all print products if you use the code ONEFIVE at checkout until Thursday. So that includes my li'l indie comic House Guest: The Graphic Novel and the original, non-serialised version of Throat.
That reminds me - recently I'd noticed sales of the three-volume Throat series (same comic, just divided into three parts with some extras sprinkled in) had come to a complete halt; not an enormous dropoff to be brutally honest, but a dropoff all the same. After some investigating I discovered they've been completely out-of-print since the Spring (FFS). Would've been good to know. So after some liaising and fiddling I'm happy to report that volumes 1, 2 and 3 are now once again available in all good bookstores, by which I mean probably just Amazon. 
Check out for more info if you reckon they'd be the preferable option what with those extra bits and all. Most importantly you should buy them for how satisfyingly the spines line up:

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