Thursday, 7 May 2009

Blank, Impassive, Beady-Eyed Faces...

The designer-toy-inspired character designs I posted a couple weeks back were quite fun to do, so I've been idly cobbling together a few more when I can. I'm trying hard to be as proactive as possible, to the point where I'm bringing a lap-tray to draw on into the john with me. I'm sure you all didn't need that visual, but I'm just a giving man at heart.
Here, look at these and take your mind off it:

As before, they all follow the same design principles, although I may adjust the head sizes on some of the characters during the CGI modeling phase.
I've also picked a song to use as the basis for the prospective music video. It's working title is '60s Pop' but I'm leaning toward 'Set You Free' now the lyrics are done. The retro style of the music I think will go quite well with these visuals. Click below to hear a clip.

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