Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Fully Booked

To quote the Professor: Good news, everyone!
Actually, I'm not sure what kind of news it is. Not bad, certainly...
Anyway, the 'House Guest' graphic novel has been selected by Lulu to be listed on Amazon, el internet bookstore-o supreme-o. I'm not entirely sure what their selection criteria is - not to denigrate my lovely book, but I'm guessing it may be random. I've been putting off promoting it properly before I hear back from a couple of potentially-interested publishing houses. Either way, this is helpful as it increases the book's visibility. Hypothetically, my book might pop up when somebody was actually looking for this:
Honestly, between this and that goddamn Sinbad movie...I'm gonna put a lot more research into all future film titles from now on.

The only issue is that they've automatically marked up the price, so take some advice from your soft'n'squidgy uncle Ben (me, not the rice guy) and buy it straight from Lulu. Well, you don't have to buy it at all, even though it could be the one vital thing that's presently missing from your life, but hey, I'm not going to pressure you. If you're a spendthrift (fair play to you) there's also the eco-friendly option of buying the digital download version at less than half of the price. You don't want to hurt those trees, do you?
Hey, let's keep talking about books!
In 2006 I put together a collection of various doodles, cartoons and comics I'd produced for student magazines, e-zines and anthologies mixed in with some stuff I'd scribbled out while on the can. Titled "That Isn't Funny, You Stupid Child", I kept it on the QT as I felt the humour itself veered toward the mean-spirited, callous and sometimes just plain disgusting. Looking through it again I think I was too quick to condemn it - there are no masterpieces of contemporary storytelling in there but you can see the seeds being sewn for my subsequent film work. Plus, compared to stuff like Drawn Together, South Park and pretty much anything on Adult Swim, the content isn't especially incendiary. In fact, the most unpleasant story featured - 'Honey The Hungry Hound' - is actually true, so it goes to show that my imagination is no match for the nastiness of real life.
Original layout sketches for the short story 'Cuckold'. A young altruist is savagely beaten while his vacationing girlfriend cheats on him. I'm not a mean-spirited person, it's just that sex and cartoon violence are both fun to draw.

As most of the publications that ran these pieces originally were low-budget, small-potatoes operations, the work featured was all in black and white. Having seen the quality of a full-colour Lulu book compared to a B&W Cafepress book (for the record, I still think Cafepress is the shizzle) I've decided to reuissue "That Isn't Funny..." in colour, as with the "Mitchells In England" anthologies.
With everything else that's going on I'm in no rush to get this done, but it would be nice if it could be ready by xmas.
My poor, poor relatives. If I actually finish the new album this year they'll all be doomed to a holiday season of having to accept my homemade pap with feigned, weary grace.

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