Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Happy Wanderer

The Victoria Film Festival is now a-happenin' until the 13th. "The Naughty List" is being shown on the 12th as part of the pretty unique, quasi-interactive program 'Converge', which begins at 2pm and is spread out among a number of different venues across the city. I can safely say it's the first time anything of mine has been screened at an undersea garden.
Here's the description from the program:"Everything is fair game as ConVergers take to the streets and unique spaces of Humboldt Valley to see how far the Festival can push the new technology. We've searched the world for wonderful short films. Then we found some terrific, unusual and sometimes odd places to show them. After that we got crazy with the technology. You'll watch films on a projector you can hold in your hand, we'll play with video walkmans, portable DVD players, and we'll even take you back to the past with hand cranked players. You can wander the streets and venture into unusual places and catch the ones that take your fancy. Locations will be as stimulating as the films and in many cases reveal a side of Victoria seldom open to the public. The Festival has created an afternoon of play just to demonstrate the explosion of changes in how, where and what we're watching. And so we ask you again: Where do you like to watch?

Starting Point: Go to a Box Office (Oyster Bar or Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa) after 1:30pm to turn in your ticket for a USB Flashdrive wristband that contains short films (yes, even you become a venue!). The wristband will identify you as a ConVerge patron and give you access to all the venues. Also pick up the ConVerge Program with map to all our venues and away you go. But remember to keep a sharp eye out because we've also got some surprises along the streets as you go between venues.

Yes, for those who can never ConVerge enough, we've got a little thing called a party going on after ConVerge is over. Come to the Oyster Bar on Humboldt Street (Between Government and Gordon Streets) for 5 PM enjoy a complimentary beverage and some appetizers to build your strength up after all your wanderings. In addition, all the films will be playing so that you've got another chance to catch any shorts you missed."

That honestly sounds awesome and it's kinda rubbish that I can't be there to participate. But any British Columbians out there who have the time should definitely check it out.
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