Sunday, 20 March 2011


It's becoming increasingly apparent that this planet has finally acknowledged that the human race is a disease, and its immune system is doing its damnedest to get rid of us. Beautiful in its way, when you take a step back and observe the Earth's biological cleansing as a miracle of nature our heads will never truly be able to wrap around. Of course, being in the thick of it, the general attitude is less one of quiet awe than a kind of screeching, repeated "HOLY SHIT WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE WE'RE ALL FUCKED IT'S ALL OVER WE'RE GONERS AND I NEVER FULFILLED MY LIFELONG AMBITION OF INVENTING TIME TRAVEL AND PERSUADING L7 CIRCA 1992 TO DEFILE ME!!!"
Or something to that effect.
Of course, it may all just simmer down...but I dunno...worldwide tragedy and devastation's stock is definitely on the up these days. Haiti, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan and now Rebecca Black. All of a sudden this 2012 shit is starting to seem more feasible.
My impulse whenever things get too real is to bury my head in the sand and focus on the inconsequential drivel of my cartooney nonsense. It's called 'being a grownup'. Or 'being alarmingly disconnected and childish', whatever melts your butter.To that end I'm putting some time into colouring in some random character designs I whipped up over the new year, mainly to balance out my in-development portfolio that's quite people-heavy and animals/creatures light.

This first batch are for an as-yet-undetermined project I'm referring to as 'Brimstone', which will take place in Hell (oddly appropriate given, y'know, it's the apocalypse right now) or possibly a similar, non-theological underworld-type setting.
While I like the line art quality of these characters, others I've designed I feel lend themselves to different colouring/texturing approaches. I'm still finalising how they'll be grouped (many thanks to Maria, Jo, Natalie and Nusha for the feedback in this respect) but here are some to give you an idea:

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