Friday, 18 March 2011

Springtime Santa

As the Stuttgart Animation Festival draws incrementally closer and my excitement manifests itself as a series of unsettling girlish squeals, flights are booked, screening copies are delivered and I now know "The Naughty List" will be shown on Friday May 6th as part of the International Panorama at 11pm. Venue details to follow.Meanwhile the film is continuing to garner screenings and friendly feedback across the globe, with another US airing tomorrow (19th) afternoon as part of the Charleston Film Festival in South Carolina.Heading further North in April it'll be shown at Canada's Dawson City International Short Film Festival. Yukon ho! It is nice to get some Canuck exposure, here's hoping it'll contribute to me someday getting a screening in Montreal.Some particularly splendid news is that the film will be part of Salento Finibus Terrae in Apulia, Italy. This is the second consecutive year a film of mine has been part of the festival after "House Guest" was featured in their 2010 edition. This will happen sometime in the second half of July, as always the specifics will be posted when I know them.
May your weekend be grand and gluttonous!


Karina Pazzini said...

hello, okay?
I am a student of the Graduate audiovisual and my first academic job is a stop motion animation, his animation work is for me a reference and maybe one day I can also be participating in major festivals ... we still need a lot of dedication to reach this level ... good luck to you! good weekend!

Struwwelpeter said...

Thank you :) and good luck with your project too. Is there any info for it online?