Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pencil Pushing

While my head has been below the water for the last few weeks, I'm still making time for life drawing when I can. I missed out on a few sessions when I was away over the holidays but I'm gradually getting back to where I was before.

I've been reading some very old though pretty helpful books by the late Andrew Loomis, whose books on drawing have been out of print until fairly recently. They are slowly being reissued but as they're so old as to be in the public domain you can download them all in .PDF format here (courtesy of Alex Hays). Definitely worth the time as the principles are timeless.I was put onto them through meeting up with a Bristol-based sketch group over the past year or so, which is free for all and generally a nice relaxing way to start the weekend. I haven't put many of my own sketches up here as I'm far less enamoured of my landscape and architectural sketches, but here are a handful I'm not too embarrassed by:

The last few are from the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery which I plan on dropping by more often once I'm less snowed under. Drawing subjects are generally better at staying still when they're dead and stuffed.

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