Friday, 6 July 2012

Bully Backgrounds (Part 1)

Here's something for a merry Friday afternoon that you can all shove in your eyeholes should you so desire - the first batch of backgrounds for my fourth short "Bullies", a film which is defying logic and expectation by inexplicably coming together.
Ain't they purty? It's a bit of a departure from my prior background work as far as the level of detail goes, though the general approach to construction and design has stayed the same. I owe a big hearty back-slap of gratitude to the lovely Luca, who has been lending a hand here and there for no reason other than being spectacularly awesome. She's also been a massive help with my animated "Throat" promo, which should be online sometime in August, so get out the zester and keep those eyes peeled. In the nearer future I'm off to London to indulge an extended weekend of Faith No M'awesomeness, so steel yourself for some fanboy gushing over the next few posts.

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