Monday, 2 July 2012

French Connections

A little hotter on the heels than usual from the last podcast, Steve from Skwigly and I have put together an Annecy special, which focuses on said festival – a rather major one, which took place in June. Really all the material is down to Steve as I didn’t make it over there, I just put the podcast together and threw in some of my usual on-mic grumbling’n’mumbling. Our plan is to do more ‘special’ podcast editions that will be a separate stream from the normal episodes. This way we can focus more on specific themes, practitioners or events and play around with the structure a bit. As well as a bunch of general film discussion there are interviews with Matt O’Callaghan (director of the contemporary “Looney Tunes” theatrical shorts) John Kahrs and Kristina Reed (director and producer respectively of the highly anticipated new Disney short “Paperman”) as well as a rundown of the festival’s ‘unofficial’ component Annecy+, curated by Bill Plympton and Nancy Phelps who were awesome and gracious enough to include “The Naughty List” in last year’s edition. You can download the podcast directly or stream it below: Skwigly Podcast Special 01 - Annecy (02/07/2012) by Skwigly Animation Podcast

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