Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ah, foreshortening. We meet again.

The life drawing sessions I go to have started up again this month after an extended summer hiatus. Looking back over these entries it seems that the last batch I put up was in March. I know there were definitely some sessions after then, though I'd have to do some digging to find whatever the results of them were. The whole March-July period of this year was a bit of a manic blur to be honest, largely down to "Throat", but if I stumble on any worth scanning in I'll throw them up. In the meantime here are some drawings from our two most recent sessions this month:

Not too bad for a getting-back-into-it batch, although I'd taken a step backward as far as tackling faces; The one pose where she's not pointedly looking away (not sure if I should take that personally) fell prey to my old habit of saving the head until last and then running out of time.

This lot was a bit better, at least I managed to tackle more or less everything with each pose. Kind of a different approach with this model as we went with one single pose for the whole evening, drawn from four different angles. I'm okay with the heads in the side views, the ones from behind or in front were a massive pain though. Now that my Monday evenings are a little bit more free it's good to be back at it. Not sure what the next problem area to tackle should be, possibly my approach to shading or my insistence on using mechanical pencils (I know technically there are far better tools for sketching but these just seem to work for me). We shall see.
In the meantime if any of you want to constructively deride me, have at it. I'm eager to make progress.

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