Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Content Providers
This week on Skwigly we have a nice, stodgy clump of new content to rub into your ears and eyes. Firstly there's a slightly overdue new podcast featuring special guest Tim Searle, currently working on Mr. Bean whose other credits include Warren United, 2DTV, I Am Not An Animal and Have I Got News For You. Also on the podcast Laura-Beth chats to up-and-comer (well, to an extent he's both upped and come, but I'm sure there's plenty more upping and coming ahead for the fellow) Eamonn o'Neill on his work including I'm Fine Thanks and Left, while Steve and I keep things topical by giving The Return of Jafar the dressing down it deserves.
I'm also happy to say that this week sees the launch of a new video strand which we'll be hosting on our thus-far-underused YouTube channel. Dubbed Lightbox, it will serve as a series of mini-documentaries on all things animation. As with the site itself, this will span TV shows, interviews, major feature films, independent projects, behind-the-scenes goodness, all that jazz.
The first few weeks will mainly consist of videos we've already showcased in some way or other, after which we'll be keeping them as their own separate thing, with our Vimeo channel reserved for longer-form content like documentaries and such.
Fine young panelists
On a not-entirely-unrelated note, the Bristol Comic Expo panel events I participated in over the weekend were a success, so thanks again to Dani Abram for the invite and getting it all sorted. We managed to get it recorded so there's a good chance some of it will materialise in some form or other soon.

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