Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Geeks Like Me

It's been another dry spell on the blogging front. As predicted a while back, things have been busier than ever (with some extra, unanticipated time drains thrown in) but I'm cautiously optimistic life will return to relative normalcy late June/July. In the meantime here's a quick note to say I've been invited to participate in two animation-themed panels at this year's Bristol Comic Expo. They start at 1pm this Saturday (the 10th), the first one is on working in animation which I'll be on the panel for, the second's on Bristol animation studios which I'll be presenting. Lots of other talented folk will be there, including animation stalwarts Rumpus, Upstart Thunder and Wildseed. If you're in Bristol and fancy swinging by that'd be mighty delightful, more info including tickets and venue can be found here.
I've been to the con a bunch of times (in fact it was the first place I exhibited Throat mere days after its printing) and there's always lots of interesting stuff to attend and rummage through, I have however been told that this year it's advance booking only so if you're up for it make sure you get your passes online beforehand.
Much gracias to Dani for the invitation and getting it all organised.

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