Friday, 10 April 2015

Club Life

So both the chances of new Twin Peaks and Opie and Anthony ever getting back together have seemingly gone up in smoke over one Easter break. Good going, bunny-Jesus. If anything happens to The Scarlet Gospels or Sol Invictus before May I'll have pretty much no more cultural interests left.
Well, there's the old ball-and-chain of animation, I suppose. Although on some fronts things are without a paddle, so to speak, I recently had a nostalgic opportunity to revisit an old film for an interview that will hopefully surface late April/early May. Will post that when there are postables.
Before then, however, those of you near and within ol' London town may wish to swing by The Green Man around 7:30pm this coming Tuesday (14th) for the London Animation Club, at which Skwigly - in the comely form of Aaron, Steve and myself - will be doing a special presentation on the past, present and future of our fine website, now in the third glorious year of its diabolical new regime. Many thanks to organiser Martin for extending the invite. Check out the Facebook event page for more info and I hope to see some of you dapper darlings there.

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