Monday, 25 July 2016

Here's the last batch of dates for Interfilm's Shorts Attack Travel Stories programme (featuring Klementhro) that has been touring Germany throughout July. You can catch the film and its similarly nomadic companions at the following cities/venues:
Thanks so much again to the Shorts Attack team for including the film and to everyone who got in touch with nice things to say about it. Klementhro's journey is far from over, however, so keep checking back for more updates as to just where he'll wind up next.
Last week I put up a video on my Facebook page offering up some free and cheap paraphernalia leftover from the days of promoting House Guest, namely the Official Pirate Version and the convention-exclusive graphic novel/DVD bundle. While the free DVDs went fairly quickly there are still a few book/DVDs available for a measly £5 that I'm happy to send over. It's a nice li'l book that I'm still quite proud of, and while these copies have been a little 'handled' by conventioneers it's a lot cheaper than you'd get them for new. If it's not of interest then at the very least you can enjoy the pretty horsies:

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