Monday, 11 July 2016

International Waters
My plucky goofabout of a film Klementhro continues its tour of Germany as July toddles along. Shorts Attack is taking its Travel Stories programme to the following venues over the next couple of weeks:
July 13th, 9pm - Lichtwerk Kino, Bielefeld
July 14th, 9pm - Babylon Kino, Fürth
July 15th, 9pm - Casablanca, Nürnberg
July 16th, 8pm - Filmraum, Hamburg
July 18th-20th - Arsenal Kino, Tübingen
July 19th-20th, 7:30pm - Haus Rode, Dortmund
July 20th, 9pm - Puschkino, Halle
Hope some of y'all in them Germanic regions can make it to a screening!
Several thousand miles west (or a lot further east if you chose to go the other way) in the wonderful city of Montreal, Klementhro will make its Canadian debut as part of the Animaze Montreal International Animation Festival. Très bon! The city being my sometime-stomping grounds, I'm really happy and grateful to finally have something of mine play over there - at the Museum of Fine Art, no less! That's right, Klementhro is officially 'fine art', there's no going back now. The festival runs from August 18th-21st, will post the usual update when I have an idea of when exactly the screening will happen, in the meantime check out the full selection here.
Seems like a nice place to spend some time over the summer...

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