Saturday, 25 March 2017

Sunshine Days

An evening dedicated to making a child scream in terror is surely an evening well spent
With an optimistic, self-set completion deadline for the end of May, my latest film Sunscapades is starting to come together. Conisdering the last couple of my films have been pretty quiet affairs, I wanted to pay tribute to the faster-paced, economically-produced cartoons of my youth, something more in the vein of the Wobble Box series I worked on, or my old Jim Norton animation.
What a ham
This film came from some random scribblings I did around the same time as Klementhro and is one of three shorts I've outlined that largely revolve around the antics of mischievous triplets Milly, Lily and Billy. For now I don't think the story needs to be elaborated on, but here's a first little glimpse:

What rotten thing could they have done?
I'd like to express much gratitude to three wonderful ladies of animation - who make up Weird Eye Collective - Laura-Beth and Fiona (who contributed some superb voice work) as well as Hannah who's working on the backgrounds. Seeing this first sequence more-or-less done I have a particularly good feeling about how the film is turning out and I'm really looking forward to putting it out in the world when it's done. As always keep checking back here for updates and whatnot.

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