Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Cabin Fever (Part Two)

An update on my doomed venture to put together a classy-looking set, contradicting the rough crudity of my concept art. With the foundations and walls already established, I've been working on a whole bunch of silly little details to make it all feel like a home. Out of context these images just look like (rather amateurish) interior design ideas, which I guess they kind of are. What I like about the work done with the textures is the bleak, dated look of the interior. The overall impression is that it was possibly inherited, with no refurbishment efforts made. I think with some more work I can explain an awful lot about the hunter's character simply by the despondency of his surroundings. Hopefully I'll be able to retain this sense if and when I decide to convert it to a less photorealistic, 'cartooney' look.
While this kind of visual style fits into numerous facets of the design and animation world, I don't really think my film is amongst them. Still, it's all learning...


Unknown said...

Very impressive stuff but I still agree that drawn 2D will be the killer


Unknown said...

Another thought. The 3D designs highlight a possible problem of there being too much visual information in the backgrounds which, in turn, could threaten the dominance of the characters. Also need to watch the relative size of the characters within the visual frames.