Thursday, 1 March 2007

Story & Concept Art - Part One, Baby!

Okay, let's get this shindig started.
As a fair bit of pre-production work has already been done for this project, I've been um-ing and ah-ing about what element to post first. I guess it kind of makes sense to start with the storyline, right?
Without going into too much detail (for by God that'll come later, and how), the film tells the story of a duck who, having been shot by a hunter, is brought back to life as a duck zombie.

Bear with me.

The story begins proper when the duck tracks the hunter down and, instead of exacting a traditional revenge, manages to guilt-trip his way into a permanent, rent-free scenario where he leeches off the hunter's conscience and goodwill. What ensues is a (hopefully amusing) sequence of events whereby the two personalities clash more and more over a period of several months, until the hunter snaps and sets out to finish what he started. The actual ending I won't go into just yet, as I don't want to spoil it and I'm not even sure I'm gonna go with what I have. So whether or not the hunter succesfully dispatches with the duck - well, I'll have to leave you on tenterhooks.
Given that meagre precis of the film I doubt I'm leaving anyone in agonising suspense. So here's some scratchy, ragged concept art to help sell it. Click each drawing to make them bigger:

A duck getting his ass shot. Note my complete lack of firearms knowledge as a double-barrelled shotgun is seen here firing a single bullet. For every other instance of these retarded little discrepancies, let's just refer to it as 'artistic license'...

A scene that may or may not survive further drafts of my script, in which the duck's corpse is stitched together by an introverted whippersnapper, then struck by lightning through an open window which brings it back to life. Given that the script is overlong at the moment, I may scrap the sequence and opt for a more succinct zombification explanation. Or not explain it at all.

The duck decides to mess with the hunter's head a bit before revealing he's just fucking around. What a dick, eh?

Over coffee and civil conversation the duck manages to verbally weasel his way into getting some free room and board. To shape the hunter's personality I aim to make his surroundings as dated and depressing as possible. That yellow wall is too vibrant, I'm thinking some drab blue tiles would work a treat instead...



Unknown said...

The zombie stage duck looks just like a girlfriend I had in 1966 - except the duck seems to have much more charisma. Plus the fact that the duck is actually a drake rather than a duck and the one time girlfriend was a ...

Anonymous said...

I think my favourite one's the drawing of the kid, I think you should keep the scene in.