Monday, 9 February 2009

Animated Exeter

It’s worth mentioning that next week is Animated Exeter’s 10-year anniversary, and the festival looks like it’ll be a good’un.
Although my film wasn’t eligible for submission (they have a runtime cutoff of 8 minutes and ‘House Guest’ comes in at just under 15) a few friends of mine will be having their films shown on Friday 13th February during the ‘Best Of The West’ competition. From my graduating class I recommend you check out Vibeke Cleaverley’s ‘The Mason’, Sara Barbas’s ‘Wherever You Go, There You Are’, Lucia Morgan’s ‘The Legend of The Bat’ and Michael Rokes’s ‘Bertha & Bruno’. The latter film I did the music for, but I’m rooting for them all equally (in case any of them read this).
Also Sara Barbas (who recently won a Best Portuguese Director award) will be giving a talk on lip sync as part of the festival’s ‘Big Careers Day’ earlier in the afternoon.
If I can gather the scrilla I really hope to be able to make it, as in addition to these there are several other noteworthy screenings, including ‘The BAFTA Event’ featuring work by film-makers such as Nick Park and the Brothers McLeod.
More info is, naturally, on the official website.

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Sara Barbas said...

You didn't make it! :-p Hope you are well. Glasgow rocks! x