Friday, 13 February 2009

At the risk of confusing Sinbad fans...

'House Guest', not to be confused with the Sinbad/Phil Hartman chestnut 'Houseguest' (one word) is now listed on IMDB!
Which means...which means...
Well, it doesn't really mean anything. You don't get a lot of action dropping the term 'IMDB' into chat-up lines. Trust me, I've been bar-hopping all night trying it out and I think they mostly assumed it was an abbreviation for some kind of scary STD. But I guess the film's a little more legit in industry terms.
What's quite neat is that by default all my friends whose names appear in the end credits are now listed too. Some are enthusiastic, others have no clue what IMDB even is.
It's a nice contributor to the modest reception the film has received so far. I would say that by mid-2009 I'll have tapped all the prospective festivals for screenings (unless I start going Stateside, most of which have pretty harsh entry fees) and I'll then lay it to rest. It's a good outcome though - this is the first film of this kind I've ever done, and most people's first films never even get seen.
I think, ultimately, my career won't be predicated on 'House Guest' - but it's given me a good kick up the arse in the right direction.Once again, just to clarify, this one definitely isn't my film. RIP Phil.

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