Thursday, 26 February 2009

Happy Day!

So, since the last post Adam Carolla's doing just fine - his podcast is already #1.
Much as I admire the guy (and I really do), any concern for his fate would have been banished to the back of my mind when I read this today:
Faith No More to reunite for European Tour
It was as though somebody were playing a mean-spirited jape on my person. Et tu, Guardian? So I hunted out the story on other sites to corroborate it. Amongst my findings was this:
Faith No More Bassist Talks Reunion, Reveals Lineup
From Bill Gould's mouth. I'm stunned. The one thing that was guaranteed to never, ever happen in my lifetime has happened.
Faith No More are back together.
There is now a chance that the remorse I've carried for the last decade, having never gotten to see them live (they split when I was 14), might be eschewed.
There's a chance I'll get to see Faith No More live.
Faith No More. Faith No fucking More.
Just to let the world know, if you have any bad news for me that you've been sitting on, now would be the time to tell me. Because I'm so beyond elated you could be screwing all my exes at the same time and I'd just be inclined to give you a hug.

Faith No More. Did not see that one coming.

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