Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I recently worked on the sound design for a really interesting website a friend of mine is developing. To me it's somewhat reminiscent of online social experiments and interactive projects such as 'PostSecret' and 'Found' Magazine.
'What Have You Left Behind?' is an online collection of musings and reminiscences by a number of contributors, compiled and grouped together by interactive media designer Mariana Mota. It is presently being showcased at the Bristol Design Festival and can be viewed online here.For the sound we wanted to put together a simple backdrop that suited the aesthetic. What we ended up with were several rhythmic pieces constructed entirely of foley sounds, isolated and arranged using Reason's redrum computer. This was a great opportunity to get involved with a creative medium I ordinarily don't get a chance to, and I think both the project and the site will prove to have legs. It's also worth having a look at the project blog, which goes into detail regarding its history and continuing development.

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