Sunday, 3 January 2010

Eight is enough

Happy 2010 everyone. Between Faith No More reuniting, the hugely encouraging response to "House Guest" (as a film and a book) plus me losing enough weight to finally climb stairs without crying, 2009 is going to be pretty hard to beat. This year's under a lot of pressure to wow me.It's already started on a good note - it turns out that House Guest will be getting eight screenings at this year's Clermont Ferrand Film Festival as part of the panorama Zombies, Vampires and Other Living Dead Creatures. Good news indeed.
The screenings are spread across five different venues, all of which are within a fairly short radius and marked down in this handy map the festival website has put up. The places and times (CET) are as follows:

Faculté de Droit
41, boulevard Gergovia
Saturday, 30th Jan, 5pm
Monday, 1st Feb, 9pm
Friday, 5th Feb, 5pm

Cinéma Jaude
Centre Jaude
Sunday, 31st Jan, 8:15pm

Grand Amphithéâtre Gergovia
29, boulevard Gergovia
Tuesday, 2nd Feb, 3pm
Saturday, 6th Feb, 7pm

Cinéma Les Ambiances
7 rue Saint-Dominique
Wednesday, 3rd Feb, 6pm

Cinéma Le Capitole
32, place de Jaude
Thursday, 4th Feb, 1pm

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