Sunday, 3 January 2010

Eight is enough

Happy 2010 everyone. Between Faith No More reuniting, the hugely encouraging response to "House Guest" (as a film and a book) plus me losing enough weight to finally be a top again, 2009 is going to be pretty hard to beat. This year's under a lot of pressure to wow me.It's already started on a good note - it turns out that 'House Guest' will be getting eight screenings at this year's Clermont Ferrand Film Festival as part of the panorama 'Zombies, Vampires & Other Living Dead Creatures'. Good news indeed.
The screenings are spread across five different venues, all of which are within a fairly short radius and marked down in this handy map the festival website has put up. The places and times (CET) are as follows:

Faculté de Droit
41, boulevard Gergovia
Saturday, 30th Jan, 5pm
Monday, 1st Feb, 9pm
Friday, 5th Feb, 5pm

Cinéma Jaude
Centre Jaude
Sunday, 31st Jan, 8:15pm

Grand Amphithéâtre Gergovia
29, boulevard Gergovia
Tuesday, 2nd Feb, 3pm
Saturday, 6th Feb, 7pm

Cinéma Les Ambiances
7 rue Saint-Dominique
Wednesday, 3rd Feb, 6pm

Cinéma Le Capitole
32, place de Jaude
Thursday, 4th Feb, 1pm

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