Sunday, 28 February 2010


More unabashed self-promotion in an attempt to convince myself that my cartooney timewasting has some value or consequence. Ah, who am I kidding? Of course it does!
It's been confirmed that 'House Guest' will be part of the 8th edition of Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival. Said festival won't be for ages yet (it starts around mid-July) and I doubt I'll know the specifics until June, but it takes the edge of that postal anxiety to get the ol' early heads-up. Festival takes place in San Vito dei Normanni in Italy (the heel of the boot).Another festival to include my delectable ducky goodness is the previously mentioned Belgrade Documentary & Short Film Festival, which I now know will screen 'House Guest' at 5pm CET on April 3rd. Good times.

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