Friday, 2 December 2016

Wait, what year is it again?
While this month is a quiet one for Klementhro, I'm very happy to say that my preceding 2010 film The Naughty List will be getting a festival screening this holiday season (appropriately enough). The film is pretty long-in-the-tooth, so big screen outings are a rare affair - the last one was in 2013 - but it's proved a fit for Berlin's Weihnachts Filmfestival, a Christmas festival "for those who want to escape the Christmas rush or do not have their loved ones around - and of course, passionate cinephiles". I'm assuming if you do have your loved ones around you won't be turned away at the door.
I'm reliably informed my film will be part of the 6:30pm screening Snowflake Shorts on Christmas Eve at the Kino Moviemento. Get your holiday spirit on, meine Freunde!

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