Saturday, 14 March 2009

Weighing In

I've divided my weekdays up so as to introduce an element of routine. I always get more work done when I allocate time for it - if I just let the days pass by I tend to work more in fits and starts. It gets very tempting to lapse into a habit of working only when the mood takes me. For the last fortnight I've managed to stick to a pretty easy timetable.
•8:30am-9am - Drag my fat ass out of bed, brew some coffee and get the three 'S's out of the way.
•9am-9:15am - Exercise. Usually just something light to wake myself up properly.
•9:15am-9:30am - Breakfast (banana or big handful of grapes) and work prep.
•9:30am-1pm - Work. If I don't have any commissions to work on I use this time to scour listings and postings for any. Once I've bled those dry I work on design and animation exercises to keep me in the swing of things.
•1pm-2pm - Lunch break
•2pm-4pm - More work.
•4pm-5pm - Get out of the apartment, see the sun if it's out, walk a little and try not to spend much money.
•5pm-7:30pm - More work.
•7:30pm-10:30pm - Once I've done a full work day I use this time for personal projects, classes, meeting up with people or working on self-promotion (portfolio/showreel work, festival submissions etc). Generally a light dinner will get factored in somewhere here.
•10:30pm-11pm - Exercise. A little more thorough than in the morning, usually mellows me out some.

If I'm not done with the day at 11pm I make a point of working on my still in-progress Struwwelpeter album. Generally this comes to about a half-hour a day. As this is the most hobby-ish of my personal projects I make a point of not spending too much time on it each day.
It's been working well so far. I'm ticking boxes at a faster rate than before, plus by keeping myself occupied I'm sticking to my weight loss plan and have gone down from 104kg to 102kg. This is around 4lbs, which ordinarily would be a little bit too fast, but whenever I start up the weight loss there's always a bigger drop to begin with.

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