Sunday, 8 November 2009

Festival Update (Or "I Can't Think of a Clever Title")

Just to confirm the when-and-where of "House Guest"'s previously mentioned inclusion in the Jordan Short Film Festival this week. It will be the second film screened during their Thursday evening showcase which begins at 6:30pm GMT+2. It takes place at Mohtaraf Remaal in Amman. This map should help you get there if you're, well, very nearby. If not then I'd suggest a slightly bigger map.
Of all the festivals my film has been selected for, this one has piqued my interest if for no other reason than it's a cultural event I wouldn't have banked on being involved with (but am very happy to to be included), especially after reading the unusually candid FAQ Section of the festival website. Here's hoping it'll be a good week.

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