Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Das Kurzfilmfest, niemals mehr gesehen...

After a successful trip to Cologne I've consumed enough twelve-inch coiled wurst to ne'er again feel insecure as a male, along with all manner of cakes, unending breakfasts, meals between snacks between meals and perhaps even the odd apéritif hither and thither. "The Naughty List" seemed to go down well at the festival, people laughed in all the right places despite it being in English. Now I've seen what BetaSP looks like on the big screen though, I think I'll be getting an HD transfer of the film done quite soonish. It may be a case of a filmmaker being overly-precious about his own crap, but hey, it's my crap and if I want it to be rich, colourful crap rather than washed out, faded crap then that should be my prerogative, nein?
From memory this is a loose rendition of the quality dip from the original video to the screened one. Serves me right for being cheap.

I also think I may have eaten my balls slightly when asked to talk about the film afterwards, though I only remember the roar of blood inside my head over my babbling. At some point I think I got a laugh, and bear in mind this was a crowd of Germans. GERMANS, fer cryin' out loud...*
At any rate it was a great evening and I'm hugely grateful for the opportunity and to my host/tour-guide/all-around Wundergal Veronika for putting me up. I've thrown cards and flyers and promo crap everywhere they'll stick to so knock wood there'll be more Germanic exposure to come for my Santa-in-undies film.Meanwhile it's getting two more outings, firstly on October 30th for the 3rd Thermaikos Film Festival. This is great news personally as the 1st edition was also the first festival a film of mine ever got into, so it's nice to 'return' so to speak.After that it'll be at Louisiana's Red Stick International Animation Festival in Baton Rouge. This has been on my wishlist for a while and I don't tend to get that many US screenings so I'm a happy camper indeed. The festival will be between November 10th-13th, specifics later.
On another note, congratulations to Alexio Anastasio for successfully raising enough funds to finish and promote "Adventures In Plymptoons", a documentary on one of my bigger influences Bill Plympton that's frankly long overdue. I got wind of the doc last month while working on another, not entirely unrelated project which I'll save for another entry. Here's a trailer to go out on:

*It's a JOKE, don't even start...

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