Monday, 25 October 2010

The Great Beyond

If you're in London this weekend, why not go ahead and check out the Swedenborg Short Film Festival? On Saturday 30th there'll be a matinee (1pm-4pm) screening of short films including "The Naughty List" and "House Guest", a film that - much like its titular mallard - can't stop coming back from the dead. The theme of the festival is heaven and hell, which weren't conscious motifs when making the films but in an analogous sense "House Guest" is definitely hell, and isn't Santa and xmas the kid version of God and heaven?
Work with me here, people...The festival is being held by/at the Swedenborg Society, a cultural archive mainly focusing on the works of an 18th century scientist/mystic, one of those career combinations that I guess kinda got phased out. It's all quite classy and intimidating, although one of their more recent screenings of theological cinema was "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey", arguably the best film ever made. I mean, the Fraggle Rock-looking aliens at the end were rubbish but generally it's a heady mix of everything wonderful life has to offer - namely George Carlin, robots, Bergman references and Primus/Faith No More cameos. So that takes the edge off a bit. More info and the full schedule is available on their site.I also got wind from a former employer that a CBBC Newsround special I was involved with last year has been unexpectedly nominated for a BAFTA, which is good news indeed. In all candour my involvement in the project itself didn't go much beyond a week of asset management and motion graphics, my main contribution was to the project pitch 'Mood Reel', which is what determines which production house is given the go-ahead for the project. At any rate it's nice to be connected to it and I'll be riding the coattails of its success like friggin' waterskis. Clips from the special are featured online.

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