Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Not knowing shnit from shninola...

Another festival update blog post for "The Naughty List", I know these are boring and self-congratulatory but it helps me keep track of them if I document the screenings on here. Oh yeah, and I'm a self-loving prick.First off is the Shnit International Short Film Festival, which has a pretty unique agenda of occurring simultaneously in four different regions - Bern in Switzerland, Cape Town in South Africa, Cologne in Germany and Wien in Austria. All four countries will host the festival from October 5th-9th, and at some point my jaunty li'l christmassy short will be part of Shnit Animates, I'll know when exactly once the program for this year's edition goes up.Before then it'll be screening in competition at the Sintetitza Pyrenees International Short Film Festival in Berga, Spain. Again I'm not 100% sure when but from what I gather the festival will be on from September 18th-25th.
Alright, I'm done. That wasn't so awful was it?

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