Sunday, 13 November 2016

Keeping up appearances

I like my animation festivals like I like my women; COVERED IN BEES...
This week I'll be enjoying my first Manchester Animation Festival. Well, that's not technically accurate as I was there last year, but it was in the final weeks of writing my book before the manuscript deadline and so I was laptop-bound 90% of the time and a jittery, coffee-soaked mess, periodically breaking down and screaming at imaginary dogs that lived behind my eyelids. So happily this will be a more chilled affair.
As with last year I will be involved in some of the events, however, the first of which ties in with the book itself. If you swing by Book Your Ideas Up at the HOME event space around 3:15pm Tuesday 15th I'll be part of a panel of fellow animation book scribes discussing our work. I'll also be signing copies of Independent Animation: Developing, Producing and Distributing Your Animated Films if that's a remotely appealing prospect, plus I'll have some with me if you're on the fence about buying a copy but might be swayed upon seeing one all up close and shiny-like.
On Wednesday 16th I'll be presenting another Skwigly Screening showcasing some of the best films I've come across in the past year or so, again in the event space at 3:15pm. The full playlist is as follows (the film titles in bold link to recent interviews with the filmmakers):
  • Tiny Encounters (Dani Abram/Lauren Orme/Michael Ostrolenk/Chris Wright, UK, 2016) 
  • Love (Dir. Réka Bucsi, France/Hungary, 2016) 
  • Parrot Away (Dir. Mads Weidner, Denmark, 2015) 
  • Feathers (Dir. Hands On Deck, Canada, 2016) 
  • Le Clitoris (Dir. Lori Malépart-Traversy, Canada, 2016) 
  • Analysis Paralysis (Dir. Anete Melece, Switzerland, 2016) 
  • Eat Up (Dir. Pretend Parent, UK, 2016) 
  • Player 2 (Dir. Charlie Miller/Harry Slinger-Thompson, UK, 2016) 
  • James: Dear John (Dir. Péter Vácz, UK/Hungary, 2016) 
  • Final Call (Dir. Sara Barbas, Portugal/UK/Denmark, 2016) 
  • Wednesday With Goddard (Dir. Nicolas Ménard, UK, 2016)
Immediately after that you might want to stick around for the latest Skwigly Quiz that Steve and I will be presenting. These are always a larf and there are some pretty tremendous prizes to be won, because frankly we at Skwigly Corp* spoil your asses rotten.
On Thursday 18th myself and Steve will be winging it for our first live podcast. Come by the Event Space (we love that space, it's just so...event-y) at 11am to watch it all unravel in person - or, if you can't make it, stream it via our Facebook page. Of course you can check out the full range of nifty MAF events via the festival website, so if you can't stomach the sight of me there's plenty of other stuff to do. Personal recommendations would include a rare UK screening of the beautiful My Life as a Courgette, a Chris Shepherd masterclass and retrospective, not to mention Joanna Quinn's lifedrawing class (kicking myself that I'll be missing that one). Hope to see some of you there!
*Not what we're called.

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