Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Festive Frolics

Some news that comes as something of a comfort given my concerns that "The Naughty List" might die on its arse once the holiday season is over - it will get its first (so far) screening of 2011 at Canada's Victoria Film Festival on February 6th. If memory serves, this is the first time any film of mine has been shown in the massive, sprawling land-mass that is Canada (outside of me forcing every friend and relative through it). As a Canadian myself I'd been hoping I'd get something shown there eventually, so grand news all around, eh?After my monthly self-googling I've also learned that the film received its tenth screening at Serbia's Film Front festival in Novi Sad last Saturday (18th). Even though I'm late to the party it's good news as I was keeping my fingers crossed that I'd get ten in by the end of the year. They also apparently screened "Ground Running" (the 'lost' Ben Mitchell film) on the 16th. Sweet, a twofer - they're good eggs, them Serbians.

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