Monday, 30 April 2012

"Something terrible is about to happen..."

I know, it's been deathly quiet around here this month. The last few weeks have been devoted to finishing off "Throat" and getting the final product as polished as possible, so there hasn't been much of my bloggery. However, within the week it will be out in the world, after which time you won't be able to shut me up about it. Meanwhile I've gone and secured a domain name for it, so add to your bookmarks, folks! It's just a teaser page for the time being, but a proper site with lots of juicy bits should be up for the 12th.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Because I can't think of something fun for April fool's...

Brevity being the soul of so many things (self-promoting blog entries, in this case), I'll keep this one succinct just to update any Serbian folk out there on the screening time for "Ground Running" at the Belgrade Documentary & Short Film Festival, which just kicked off. It'll be part of the International Animation screening which begins 4:30pm on April 3rd, in the main hall of the Dom Omladine. Full info here, Serbs and Serbettes. Hope that sentence wasn't racist...
For the local Bristolian folk, the CineMe event I wrote of previously had to be rescheduled for later on this month, apparently the organiser's external HD with all the films on it decided to shit the bed. I've been there. Anyway it's now happening on the 24th (Tuesday) in the Tobacco Factory greenroom at 8pm. Please come, if you do I'll let you poke at me and rub my balding pate for luck.
I have no more things to say and will stop typing now.