Friday, 23 April 2010

Awful quiet around here...

Been a while since I posted anything, am in a kind of limbo where the work I've been doing the last couple months can't be talked about publicly until it's done. Just the way it goes when you aren't your own boss anymore. Have a bunch of material that I'd love to put up, just need to clear it with certain higher-ups first. The good side is it's been a lot of fun and even quite inspiring, which has been a rarity as far as my previous industry experience has gone. Will definitely post links once I can.
Meanwhile, there's another new song up at my Struwwelpeter MySpace, which has picked up a handful of listens. It's called 'Set You Free' and is one of the cheeriest songs I've ever written - it has a brass ensemble in it for chrissakes (and by that I mean one girl playing brass parts a bunch of times then overlaid on top of one another...same difference). I've been gradually piecing together a music video for it. That's something I can bring up, so here's a little pic:The idea is to have a little cartoon toy band performing the song, intercut with little skit-like vignettes of a little cartoon toy me bungling several damsel-in-distress rescues. Could be funny, it's my first C4D project in a couple years so I've been taking a while to readjust. More info when it comes, here are a couple of 2D character concepts from last year in the meantime: