Saturday, 27 March 2010

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I'm on a bit of a video upload binge at the moment. In the last couple days I've added a whole heap of crap to my Vimeo account, mainly so that my new site can link to past video and animation work. I'll probably upload a lot of the same content to different hosting sites for the sake of increased exposure, but as my YouTube account has been recently hijacked by my own newly-developed habit of uploading "Opie & Anthony" show highlights (RAMONE! This dullard needs a life!!) I figured I'd start afresh to begin with.
I've tweaked and cleaned-up some old music videos, re-exporting them at 16:9 and ditching the odd shots that don't work to make them a little nicer to look at. Have a li'l look-see:

'Laughing At A Wall' by Struwwelpeter from Ben Mitchell on Vimeo.

'Let Slip (Remix)' by Struwwelpeter from Ben Mitchell on Vimeo.

'On A Limb' by Struwwelpeter from Ben Mitchell on Vimeo.

'Cashback' by Struwwelpeter from Ben Mitchell on Vimeo.

I also put up the old documentary "Countdown To The Agnosticaust" which I made for the "Agnosticaust" bonus DVD. It's a pretty detailed look at how the 2006 album came together but I can barely look at it as I'm about 150lbs heavier than I am now. It's like watching Kevin Smith speak in my voice without the redemptive elements of his wit or charm.

'Countdown To The Agnosticaust' from Ben Mitchell on Vimeo.

The next step will be a little more relevant to what I'm up to these days. I'm planning on isolating several short'n'sexy clips from "House Guest" for website/promotional purposes. Which leads me to another excuse to gripe as I've begun work on a "House Guest" mini-site to go alongside my newly-revamped personal site. Yet again, I'm using Flash CS4 - my white whale; I love it, but I must kill it. Most people who are into self-harm just buy a cutting tool of some kind. I choose to instead immerse myself in Actionscript and let it chew through my brain like an army of hungry earwigs.
Actually this site's a lot more fun to do as I've established most of the "don't"s as far as the software is concerned, and there won't be any more scraps of paper to slow things down. Plus most of the content is more or less lifted from the film's EPK. It should be done soon, here are some in-progress pictures:

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Alright then, what next?

The endless ocean of mediocrity that is the internet has been added to by yet another self-described 'creative': the cuddly, strokable, sweet-smelling rapscallion that is me. Massive pulsating yayness!
Intents and purposes, my new site is as done as it can be for now, save for some teensy-weensy kinks that need to be ironed out. These mainly concern links to external sites and video content which will be uploaded and amended shortly. In general though, the functionality of the site seems to be on track. For now I've opted to go without sound but I may throw some little bits in here and there at a later date.
While this blog is still probably going to remain the most reliable and candid news source, I feel the two sites work well alongside one another. Also, there's a bunch of extra info on stuff I did pre-'House Guest' that I rarely - if ever - bring up here.
Go visit me already!