Thursday, 23 May 2019


Following up on my first post of the month I can confirm that Sunscapades will indeed be getting itself another German screening at the wonderful International Short Film Festival Detmold before May is through. It'll sneak in on the 31st as part of their International Mixed Short Films block which kicks off 10pm at the Culture & Art gallery.
I also hinted at hitting a bit of a milestone in my last post and, having double-checked all my documentation, can confirm that with the film's subsequent inclusion in the Sydney Film Festival's Animation After Dark programme on June 6th I will have officially cleared 200 international festival inclusions!
Granted this is spread over ten years and five films, but I’ll allow myself a wee nugget of pride having operated without representation, distributors or sales agents all this time.
So much love and gratitude to all the festivals and touring programmes, whether still kicking around or not, who took a punt on my weird shit over the years.

Friday, 17 May 2019


Goin' on tour! Sort of.
As previously mentioned Sunscapades screens 8pm tonight at the Australian International Animation Festival in Wagga Wagga's Forum 6 cinema. Even better news is the Late Night Bizarre programme that the film's a part of will be popping up at two other top-tier Australian fests over the course of the summer.
Next month sees it at the prestigious Sydney Film Festival under the alternate title Animation After Dark. This will be on Thursday June 6th 8:30pm at Dendy Cinemas Newtown.
Then in July it will be at the Melbourne International Animation Festival on the 19th at 9pm. Right now it looks like their site is in a bit of a gestation period but I'm pretty sure the venue for it will be the AMCI.
All three of these have been on my festival wish-list for a good long while so it's a real thrill to be involved. This also signifies a bit of a milestone in my indie filmmaking career that I'll elaborate on in my next post.
Ooh, what a tease I is!

Monday, 6 May 2019

May Days
Sunscapades appears to be trundling merrily along with a batch of screening events lined up through the summer. I don't have firm info on all of them yet but there are a couple coming up this month that seem to be set in stone. Firstly it will be screening at the rather magnificent Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films in Třeboň, Czech Republic as part of a special late-night screening (this is becoming a bit of a recurring - and welcome - theme) Midnight Animation: Blood. This will be Friday May 10th 11:30pm at the Světozor Cinema.
A week later it will be in the similarly-themed Late Night Bizarre programme that takes place during the Australian International Animation Festival, alongside some new work from the likes of Will Anderson, Peter Millard and Jodie Haslam as well as some familiar recent shorts I'm quite fond of such as Lorenz Wunderle's Coyote and recent Skwigly interviewee David Barlow-Krelina's Caterpillarplasty. It looks like a fun one but if you can't make it to Wagga Wagga I get the impression the screening itself will be playing at a couple other fests down under in the near future.
At the end of the month the 15th Detmold Short Film Festival will kick off, assuredly with Sunscapades somewhere among the line-up although no specifics just yet (update to follow). This marks my third inclusion at Detmold following the selection of The Naughty List in 2011 as well as being one of the small handful of fests that gave Ground Running a punt the following year, so I've got a bit of a soft spot for 'em.